21st Century Emergency + Specialty Care

The future of veterinary medicine is here in San Mateo County.

Just as human healthcare advances, so does care for our animal family members. Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital works to provide you the most advanced medical care available in veterinary medicine today. From joint replacement, arthroscopy, and minimally invasive surgeries to the latest advances in interventional radiology, anesthesia monitoring, and diagnostic imaging, our goal is to offer our animal companions the same technological and medical advances available in human healthcare.

Changing how people think about veterinary specialty care.

Our mission statement says it all: we will provide every patient with the same level of compassion and care we would provide our own pets. This holds true for the companions of the patients as well. We know that during difficult times, pet owners need support and encouragement as well as medical advice. We seek to provide not only the medical expertise to get your animal friends back on their feet, but the emotional support to help make your decisions a little easier.

The Bay Area’s top-rated emergency facility, open every day, all day, all the time.

We never close. From a broken nail at 8AM to an auto accident at 2AM, we are here for you and your pets when you need us most. Delivering the most advanced care to San Francisco and the Peninsula, Nor Cal Vet is committed to providing not only medical, but also personal support when problems arise- no matter what time it is.

Location, location, location.

Located in Daly City overlooking the 280 freeway, Nor Cal Vet is positioned within easy reach of the entire northern SF Peninsula. With easy access from 19th Ave, the 280, and the 101, Nor Cal Vet is the easiest and most accessible veterinary emergency clinic in the region. With over 60 parking spaces, easy on/off freeway access, and the Daly City BART station just 2 blocks away, accessibility is effortless. On a personal level we are accessible too! Our love for animals is why we are here; our goal is to make you feel at home and welcome regardless of your reason for visiting. Making sure you are a part of the decision making team for your pet’s care is one of the many ways we work to make you feel at home.

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    Soon, one of the most wonderful times of year will be upon us where we can take advantage of Mother Earth and plant a garden. Yet, while planting our tomato, squash and cucumber plants, we must always keep in mind our furry friends. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, many of the calls received involve…

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